personal image server
Pixory is your personal online photo management and sharing service, running entirely on your computer using your broadband internet connection. Use it to instantly share photo albums with friends and family across the internet, or to more effectively manage digital photos on your home network. All Pixory access is through a standard web browser, but Pixory requires no web server setup-- just unzip and run!
  • 2006-07-31
    Pixory now runs on Java 1.5.
  • 2004-11-22
    Project Pixory goes Open Source. Visit us at SourceForge .
  • 2004-11-08
    Pixory spricht jetzt Deutsch! (Pixory is now localized for German). If you would like Pixory localized for your native language, please volunteer to translate some text.
  • 2004-10-04
    Pixory adds support for text input and display in all lanuages (full Unicode support).
  • 2004-1-25
    Pixory has a new, powerful, flexible, sharing model.

Pixory is currently under active development.....send feature requests here---> pixory-beta..... send rants (criticisms), raves (praise), comments, questions here---> pixory-beta..... keep abreast of latest pixory developments by joining the mailing list here---> pixory-beta